Total Colostrum Milk Powder 300 gram


60 mg of IgG Total Colostrum per 10 gram (tablespoon) scoop of Milk Powder. This NZ Milk Powder has 3% high quality 1st milking grass fed bovine colostrum mixed in with it to bring you your immune boost in an easy cup of coffee or smoothie.

300 gram pack size,


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Agility Health Co NZ now brings you a very healthy milk powder containing 3% high strength first day milking grass fed Bovine (cow) Colostrum powder.

The other 97% is a combination of NZ whole & skim milk instant powders.

This product gives you 60 mg of IgG per 10 gram serve. (tablespoon)

This product shouldn’t be given to a child under the age of 12 months.

This product is brilliant in your coffee machine and is a tasty way of getting all the vitamins and minerals contained in colostrum into your body without even having to think about it.

300 gram net pack size




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