Total Colostrum Powder+Capsule Combo


Key Components  of Total Colostrum Powder   This is the best buy to suit all the family

IgG                     24.85%   (Current batch understated at 21%)  Capsules @ 20%

Lactoferrin        500mg/100 gram

Lactose              17.01%

Protein              69.33%

Fat                     0.94%

pH                     6.3

Anti Viral properties scientifically proven by Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Labs, Sydney Australia, in a contact test against the Covid-19 Virus

A factor of 3 = 99.9% virus reduction.  A factor of 4 = 99.99% virus reduction.

Total Colostrum achieved a factor of  3.83 . See our article’s page on this website for details.

Combo Pack contains 1 x 180 gram Powder and 1 x Capsule Pack of 180 Vege Caps @ 500mg

Total Colostrum contains Natural Antibodies, Growth Factors and Nutrients including soluble Vitamins & Minerals that support normal healthy immune system function.

  • supports skin repair & anti-aging
  • supports joint mobility
  • supports bowel health
  • provides nutrients & support for cartilage nerve growth
  • supports healthy lean muscle mass

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Total Colostrum Powder & Capsules are  immune system balancing products, a completely natural Health Supplement suitable for all ages. Colostrum is life’s first food and contains all the needed things to set your body going on life’s road.

The key difference between Total Colostrum Powder and other immune balancing products is the presence of a high level of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs). These Peptides are the Active agent in giving Colostrum Anti-bodies their effectiveness. Total Colostrum Powder is up to 4 times more powerful than other colostrum’s due to the peptide content being at it’s maximum because it is manufactured from 16 hour first milking colostrum.

PRPs have been shown to stimulate an under active immune system and repress an overactive immune system, bringing the immune system to homeostatic balance.

An Over Reactive Immune System includes the Following

Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Fibromyalgia, Hay Fever, Colitis & Crohn’s disease to name a few.

An Under Reactive Immune System includes some of the following

Viral, Bacterial & Fungal Infections including parasites. T.B, Hepatitis, Shingles & Cancers

Total Colostrum Powder is PURE, only manufactured from the first 16 hour milking.

It contains NO fillings and is 100% of the volume of the container. It contains up to 75% more peptides than regular colostrum.

Total Colostrum Powder contains 21% Total Immunoglobulin’s. 70% protein. Contains Lactose.

Not to be taken by Organ transplant recipients. Please check with your health professional before taking this supplement if you are planning a pregnancy, pregnant, nursing or wanting to give to infants aged less than 12 months

Dosage, adults can take up to  20 grams daily depending on bodily need. Add capsules if treating bowel disorders. We strongly recommend the higher dose where auto-immune diseases are present.

Therapeutic dose for adults is 10 grams daily, Maintenance & Child dose: 5 grams daily.


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