The Total Colostrum story

The Total Colostrum story begins a number of years ago when we were seeking extra help for Kirsty to combat increasing Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. Our search took us to the Australian Adult Stem Cell Foundation who were inviting people with the disease to try a new method of treatment involving removing stem cells stored in your fat and transferring them into your bloodstream.

The Stem Cell Foundation’s conditions of entry were quite simple, but included was that you had to be on a three month course of high quality 16 hour 1st Milking Colostrum prior to the operation taking place.

This was when we learned the difference between 16 hour 1st Milking Colostrum and the more generalized 3rd day Milking or 12% Peptide strength colostrums.

There are a number of providers for this operation – the Foundation have a number in the main Australian cities.

As time continued, we became involved in advocating and raising awareness around the benefits of 100% Peptide Colostrum, and then began the process of supplying and marketing it. This evolved into Total Colostrum.

We invite you to try it for yourself. If you do not find it beneficial after 1 month, please don’t think that the product has failed you. Instead take this as an indicator your body is in good health.


Our Results *

During the three months of using this Top Quality Colostrum, we found that it really made an improvement to Kirsty’s general health and bowel function. This was interesting because prior to this we had taken other colostrums and they hadn’t seemed to do a lot.

Prevention is better than cure. We personally believe that Total Colostrum is the best preventative dietary supplement money can buy. Please always read the label for safety warnings to be sure if Total Colostrum will suit your needs.


Greg & Kirsty Wearmouth

Directors | Agility Health Company New Zealand


I won’t go a day without taking my dose of Total Colostrum each morning. It keeps me on top of the fatigue and gets me through the day. It’s also fixed my bowel problems that occur with MS. I’m completely regular now.  Kirsty (Multiple Sclerosis)


*Testimonials are the opinion of the individual and results may vary from person to person.

Through our research we believe we are the only NZ supplier of 16 hour, 1st Milking Colostrum of this quality – however if you find another supplier please let us know.