“Is this Colostrum the best?”

At Agility Health Co, we ask ourselves this question.  “Is this product the best of the best?”

If it isn’t simply the best product, you won’t be able to buy it from us!

With our Total Colostrum range, you get the absolute best, 100% pure Bovine Colostrum.


16 Hour, 1st Milking, Grass Fed: It’s REAL!

We only produce Colostrum Oral Powders and Capsules from 16 Hour First Milking, Grass Fed, Pro-Line Rich Polypeptide (PRP) Colostrum.

Typically, Colostrums in New Zealand are made from a ‘Day 3 Milking’ which makes these other products’ active immunoglobulin levels at only 12% the strength of Total Colostrum.

This is why they are less expensive, less effective – you get less, and strength for strength… they actually cost more!

Don’t compromise on quality. Total Colostrum is what we say it is. Totally pure 100% Colostrum with no fillers or milk powders in it to bulk


Greg Wearmouth
Director | Agility Health Company New Zealand