I have had Diverticulitis for years, but since taking Total Colostrum it has cleared up and I don’t need to take any prescribed drugs for it anymore. I just feel so much better for taking Colostrum. I have also gotten my family to take the supplement now too.

Laurence – Auckland, New Zealand


I had a severe case of Epstein-Barr virus and Total Colostrum keeps my energy levels up. I used to also have constant abscesses on my tonsils. My throat seems to have settled and my body seems to cope better with stress. I have noticed my hair has gotten thicker as well which I can only think is from the Colostrum.

Fiona McCrostie – Taupo, New Zealand
Epstein-Barr Virus


I have had Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed for a number of years. My family got me to take Total Colostrum recently, I am so thankful for it. It really helps with the fatigue and the Optic Neuritis problems that I battle with daily. Thanks, it really does help me through.

Rebecca – Dargaville, New Zealand
Multiple Sclerosis


I have been taking a daily dose of Total Colostrum each day since 2008 and have noticed the difference in as much as my osteo arthritis is very much improved. Next to no pain or growth in unwanted bone spurs, am and have been influenza free, infections from cuts clear up quickly, and my skin, especially on my face is almost entirely wrinkle free – am almost 77 years of age. Wouldn’t be without my daily dose. My 10 year old Keeshond dog gets a ½ teaspoon of Total Colostrum with her meal and is just like a puppy – well and active.

Elizabeth Colbourn – Penrith, Australia
General wellbeing & Osteo Arthritis


My husband and I have been taking Colostrum for a number of years. I find it helps with my immune system which is severely disfunctional due to a UC (ulcerative colitis) and surgeries and it helps with the effects of arthritis. The Colostrum is a pure form of Colostrum and is cheaper than we can buy it elsewhere. We find this product very satisfactory and feel that we can trust the source of supply.

Carole & John Leonard – Clendon, New Zealand
Ulcerative Colitis


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