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Bovine Colostrum: The Immunity Booster You Should Know About

Good health is a synthesis of several factors, chief among them is a wholesome and nutritious diet. Good health begins in the gut.

How do you keep up good health, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and packed schedule? Eating healthy with superfoods goes a long way, and natural supplements are often recommended. These contribute to your body’s ability to stay strong. Colostrum, as a natural supplement, has piqued the interest of researchers and studies are underway to understand the host of nutritional benefits it offers.

What is bovine colostrum?

Bovine colostrum is produced by cows who have just given birth. Before they are milked for human consumption, they produce colostrum. It’s a milky fluid that is very rich in nutrients. Colostrum is produced by humans too, and this has always been known to promote growth and improve the health of new-borns. However, emerging research is exploring its effectiveness in strengthening immunity and improving gut health through all life stages.

Although all mammals produce colostrum after giving birth, most colostrum supplements are made from bovine colostrum. It is available in a number of different forms from pills to powders, which makes it convenient to add to your diet.

Bovine colostrum may be the natural health supplement you’re looking for. Why?

May boost your immune system

It has been found that bovine colostrum contains a lot of macronutrients including proteins like lactoferrin, and fats. Lactoferrin contributes to your body’s response to infections. Colostrum is also rich in vitamins (Bs, As and C, among others) and minerals. The antibodies or immunoglobulins it has – particularly IgG, IgM and IgA – help your body fight against viruses.

May improve your gut health

Some studies indicate that it can help strengthen intestinal walls, stimulate the growth of new intestinal cells and resist intestinal permeability. Intestinal permeability is what results in conditions like the ‘leaky gut’ syndrome in which particles from your intestines leak out into the rest of your body. Lactoferrin could be what is contributing to the strengthening of the gut.

A small study (double blind & placebo-controlled) tried to understand the effects of bovine colostrum in relation to its gut strengthening benefits. The 12 athletes in the study were susceptible to intestinal permeability thanks to their rigorous physical training. The supplement dose given was just 20 grams per day, and it was found that it prevented 80% of the increase in permeability that was seen in those who consumed the placebo. There are further studies being conducted on the possible benefits that bovine colostrum could offer in relation to treating colitis.

How much will bovine colostrum assist your health?

Scientific work is underway to assess the benefits of this emerging nutraceutical (a food that provides health benefits).  Researchers have been particularly interested in its gut improvement and immunity boosting contributions.  Studies are being conducted to understand its benefits in treating specific conditions such as colitis and diarrhoea.

The role it may play in improving gastrointestinal conditions is promising. Scientists are looking at the possibility that it could be used to treat damage to the stomach caused by excessive use of non-steroid anti-inflammatories, infections with specific bacteria (such as those related to stomach ulcers) and infectious diarrhoea.

A study from 2018 with baby macaque monkeys found that this supplement helped improve the mineral density of their bones.

In a nutshell, the nutrients in bovine colostrum could help your body fight disease and boost your immunity. It could also promote growth and benefit gut health. Both human and animal studies are being conducted to understand the extent of this supplement’s benefits.

FAQ about bovine colostrum

Is bovine colostrum dairy free?

Colostrum doesn’t contain lactose, so it is considered to be safe for those who are lactose intolerant. However, bovine colostrum supplements could contain other common allergens like soy, so you should check with a health professional before adding them to your diet.

What does bovine colostrum look like?

Colostrum’s texture resembles highly concentrated milk liquid. It can be quite thick and sticky. The colour could vary. In its original form it could be white or yellow. Sometimes it’s even clear. But the bovine colostrum supplements that reach you will be in the form of a pills or powders. 

Is bovine colostrum safe to consume?

Based on human research that has been conducted so far, bovine colostrum supplements seem to be safe for most people to consume. However, we do not yet have an answer on whether it is safe for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding. It is advised that you begin this supplement on the recommendation of a qualified health professional.

Since this is a natural supplement obtained from cows, their diet also influences the colostrum’s efficacy. It’s wise to buy only those supplements that have been tested to show that they are free from synthetic hormones, antibiotics as well as pesticides.

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How Can Colostrum Help Your Health?

Packaged as powders or pills, bovine colostrum supplements offer adults far more nutrients than regular cow’s milk. This powerful, natural formula can help muscles heal, aid in combating infections and improve gut health.


Colostrum is produced by mothers just before and immediately after the baby is born. All female mammals produce colostrum and it has been described as nature’s formula for newborns. It’s packed with nutrients to protect and strengthen them. But according to recent research, the nutrients present in bovine colostrum can benefit adult humans in a number of ways as well. 

Benefits of bovine colostrum supplements for adults

Several studies have been conducted and more are underway to further explore the value of bovine colostrum supplements. So far, we’ve been able to understand that it is rich in nutritionally beneficial vitamins, minerals, antibodies, digestive enzymes and fats. These are advantageous not just for infants, but for adults in different phases of their lives. 

Some of the most valuable inclusions in bovine colostrum are lactoferrin (a powerful inflammation modulator), growth factors and antibodies.  

There are a few ways in which this supplement is useful to adults.

1. Colostrum helps strengthen the immune system

One of the most common reasons that people take bovine colostrum supplements is to strengthen their immune system. It contains a high concentration of immunoglobulin G (or IgG), and this antibody is known to produce systemic immunity to help fight infections better. Bovine colostrum aids in balancing the immune system so that the body stands a better chance in battling infections and pathogens. 

2. Colostrum is good for your gut

Many people say that good health starts at the gut, and it may surprise you to know that nearly 70% of your immunity sits in your gut. Besides absorbing and assimilating nutrients, your intestines also help to detoxify your body. A healthy gut further contributes to the strength of your immune system.  

The nutrients in bovine colostrum help in fortifying the health of your gut. Lactoferrin plays a key role in this aspect, acting as a prebiotic to encourage the growth of good bacteria, promoting cell growth in the intestines and helping damaged cells to heal. As an inflammation modulator, lactoferrin aids in countering the effects of conditions like the ‘leaky gut’ syndrome. It also binds and neutralises the bacterial endotoxins that cause inflammation. 

One of the conditions that bovine colostrum supplements could help ward off is diarrhoea. When this supplement is taken daily, it has been shown to strengthen the gut sufficiently to significantly reduce the risk of developing diarrhoea. Other studies have also shown that this supplement has resulted in an improvement of chronic diarrhoea conditions in immunocompromised individuals.  

3. Colostrum promotes growth

Bovine colostrum has been found to contain transforming growth factors alpha and beta. It also has insulin-like growth factors one and two. What these do is promote the repair of damaged cartilage and muscle, helping the body heal better. This means that it may even be able to reduce recovery periods. It is this property of bovine colostrum that is making it a popular supplement amongst athletes. It’s especially beneficial after vigorous work outs. 

A study published in 2012 looked at how bovine colostrum influenced oxidative stress caused by exercise in skeletal muscles. To study this, they gave a group of mice bovine colostrum supplements every day. At the end of the prescribed term, it was concluded that this supplement was beneficial in reducing oxidant-induced damage to skeletal muscles. These growth factors are applicable to all structural body cells including the gut. Studies showed that colostrum supplements worked better than whey protein to increase body weight. 

What’s the difference between colostrum and milk?

Although they are both produced by the mammary glands just after a baby is born, colostrum and milk are not the same thing. Colostrum fluid is slightly different in appearance, it has been described to be yellowish in colour while milk is whiter. Colostrum  is produced immediately postpartum, so it’s made before milk. It is a much more concentrated formula and is simply packed with nutrients. Besides containing plenty of fat and proteins, it also has key antibodies that protect newborns and help them fight off infections. It is often considered to be the first form of immune defence for infants, designed by nature to help them survive at their youngest. 

On the other hand, milk production begins after colostrum production stops. Milk can continue to be produced for months (sometimes even years) post birth. It is not as nutrient dense but still  contains beneficial protein, micronutrients and hormones (among others).

What is hyperimmune colostrum?

The interest in using bovine colostrum to treat specific medical issues has led to studying the effectiveness of hyperimmune colostrum. The short explanation is that the cows are vaccinated for specific conditions so that the antibodies they produce against these conditions will be present in their colostrum. The idea is that this hyperimmune colostrum can then help humans better fight certain conditions. 

Is there a catch?

While colostrum does seem like a super-nutrient with its wide range of benefits, it must be kept in mind that this is just a supplement, not a cure for any condition. It can give your overall health a boost but as with any supplement, it works in conjunction with a variety of factors to do so. 

The benefits of bovine colostrum as a supplement for adults is relatively new and investigations are still on to prove these benefits on a larger scale. Both human and animal studies that have been conducted so far have yielded promising results.

Points to keep in mind about bovine colostrum

  • There is some risk of allergic reactions, especially if you have a history of intolerance to milk or soy products. If you do, it is recommended that you find alternatives to this supplement.

However, if the supplement is sourced from a reputable establishment and made with colostrum from cows that have been grass-fed (without any artificial hormone injections), the likelihood of these reactions taking place is minimal. 

  • The standard dosage of bovine colostrum is yet to be determined, although its use is generally considered to be safe. You can consult your local doctor for a dosage recommendation. As it is available as capsules, powders and pills, bovine colostrum is quite easy to access and consume. The powders can simply be mixed in with liquids. So far, it has no known drug interactions. 
  • Remember to always get your supplements from a reputable source. As an animal product, there are certain protocols that need to be adhered to while processing bovine colostrum. For one thing, these supplements need to be properly pasteurised so it’s safe to use.

Everything we put into our bodies has an impact on our overall health. Thanks to the close connection between your gut and your immune system, it goes without saying that your diet plays a huge role in determining the state of your health. Natural supplements can boost your nutrient intake and colostrum is full of valuable nutrients that benefit adults as well.

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Understanding Colostrum and Unlocking its Wellness Benefits

Colostrum is vital for infants, and new research suggests that its nutrients are beneficial throughout your lifespan. Colostrum supplements can aid several areas from gut health to muscle healing. 

colostrum health benefits

Research now suggests that adults can benefit from these nutrients as well. Bovine colostrum has several nutrients that are advantageous to human health during different phases of their lives. In fact, ayurvedic medicinal practices have been recommending this first milk from cows as a wellness supplement for decades.

Why bovine colostrum?

Colostrum is produced by all mammals for their young and as we have come to depend on cow’s milk as a source of nutrition, it is natural to explore the benefits of bovine colostrum as well. 

It has been found to be rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins that fight against disease and digestive enzymes, amongst other nutrients. Bovine colostrum supplements are made by pasteurising colostrum obtained from healthy, grass-fed cows. This formula is dried out and then made into powders or pills. These supplements are easy to procure and can simply be mixed into a liquid to consume. 

Bovine colostrum has been described as a slightly yellowish product that has a taste and smell that is similar to buttermilk. To reap the best benefits of this formula, it’s important that the source of bovine colostrum supplements be grass-fed cows rather than those raised with artificial hormone supplements. 

Based on the research conducted so far, bovine colostrum has been found to strengthen immunity, promote the health of your gut, and help you fight infections better. 

Benefits of bovine colostrum

One of the key nutrients present in bovine colostrum is ‘lactoferrin’, which has widely beneficial properties. Besides being anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial in nature, it is also an inflammation modulator. Both animal and human studies have indicated that bovine colostrum is valuable for gut health in particular.

1. Restores gut health 

Conditions like the ‘leaky gut’ syndrome are often the result of an unhealthy diet and exposure to toxins for several years. Those diagnosed with this condition have a damaged intestinal lining which makes the gut ‘leaky’. Consequently, things like food particles and bacterial endotoxins leak out of the intestine and into the bloodstream. This causes inflammation throughout the body and increases the risk of developing some serious chronic conditions including heart disease. 

As mentioned above, bovine colostrum supplies the body with an inflammation modulator—lactoferrin. Lactoferrin binds bacterial endotoxins and neutralises their effects to reduce inflammation

Lactoferrin also plays the role of a prebiotic and encourages good bacteria to grow in your gut. It promotes cell growth in the intestines, reduces inflammation and helps a damaged gut heal. 

One approach suggested that the cows are given immunisations against specific strains of bacteria so they are able to produce colostrum that is high in antibodies against those infections. This hyperimmune bovine colostrum is being studied as novel therapy to fight specific conditions.

For example, one study supplied a few volunteers with a 1200 mg dose of hyperimmune bovine colostrum that contained antibodies to fight E. coli bacteria. And the rest of the volunteers were given a placebo. It was found that those who took the hyperimmune colostrum doses every day were 90 percent less likely to develop the common traveller’s diarrhoea than the rest of the volunteers. 

2. Boost your immunity

The concentrated presence of antibodies IgA and IgG in bovine colostrum may help strengthen the immune system. The results of a 12-week study found that taking bovine colostrum supplements daily increased the amount of IgA antibodies in the saliva of distance runners by 79 percent (when compared to baseline levels). It was suggested that these increased levels would make their immune systems stronger and give their bodies a better chance to fight off respiratory tract infections. 

Another study looked at the effect of oral lactoferrin given to mice with suppressed immune systems as a result of chemo or autoimmune conditions. They saw an improvement in the strength of their immune systems. 

Lactoferrin has also been known to promote immune-balancing T-cells and boost the number of white blood cells – both of which help the body fight pathogens. Lactoferrin’s ability to bind bacterial cells and viral cells help to limit or reduce the growth of pathogens

3. Promote muscle healing 

Colostrum is known to be rich in antioxidants and in growth factors. Growth factors are hormones that prompt growth and bovine colostrum has been found to have two growth factors – IGF-1 and 2. Both of these are protein-based hormones and contribute to the colostrum’s ability to promote healing and growth of muscles. A study exploring these properties found that colostrum supplements reduce both oxidative stress and general damage to muscles, post work-outs. Separate studies also indicated that when used for 8 weeks, bovine colostrum supplements helped to increase lean muscle mass. 

Research has just begun on this exceptional supplement and promising results from both animal as well as human studies are sure to encourage further investigations.  Supplements derived from this ‘first milk’ of cows are easily accessible and indicate a whole host of wellness benefits. 

Bovine colostrum is not recommended for those who react badly to or are intolerant to cow’s milk. Do consult a physician before adding it to your prescribed supplements. It should also be noted that colostrum powders and pills may also contain common allergens like cow’s milk or soy. Sourcing bovine colostrum from a safe, reputable outlet is extremely important as it must be properly pasteurised.

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Several Effective Colostrum Benefits for Skin

Before delving into the colostrum benefits for skin, you should understand what exactly the colostrum is. Colostrum is produced by female mammals such as humans and cows in the days leading up to and after birth. In other words, it is the first milk or a clear yellowish viscous fluid produced before breast milk.

Even though technically colostrum is found in both humans and cows, bovine colostrum which is produced from cows is widely used by humans. It has a higher concentration of protein, fat content, and antibodies. According to some researches, bovine colostrum is the best supplement for athletes and bodybuilders that prevent respiratory infections, increases muscle growth, improves performance, and speeds recovery.

The bovine Colostrum is obtained from the pasture-fed dairy cows by utilizing only surplus leftovers which are then treated for human use. Have you ever imagined that it could also be helpful for your skin? Yes, Colostrum offers various skincare benefits.

How does colostrum benefit for skin?

Colostrum is a naturally produced substance and highly bio-available to your body and therefore your skin so you can reap several benefits from it. It is packed with nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help your skin immensely.

No matter if you have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes or just want to prevent it or keep your skin smooth and blemish-free, Colostrum is the one solution for you that contains anti-aging properties. It is thus widely used these days across the world to boost immunity and prevent infections.

Colostrum has been using for many years for different ailments owing to its Lactoferrin content as well as it has special peptides that can help regulate the thymus gland and increase immune response.

When it comes to the colostrum benefits for skin, it contains three major growth factors such as Epithelial Growth Factor (EFG), Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF), and Transforming Growth Factors – Alpha & Beta (TGF-A & B) that helps in skincare. Indeed, they make new skin tissue, muscles, and nerves. Also, they help to regulate your gastrointestinal tract, and much more.

In addition, Colostrum is a powerful ingredient that suits any sort of skin for healing such as hydration, healing of fine lines, sun damage and acne breakouts, and soothing any skin irritations or imbalances.

Moreover, you need to hire a reputed supplier to get the best quality Colostrum. In this case, you can visit

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Shopping for the Best Colostrum Supplement Online

Are you looking for complete fitness? Are you a fitness enthusiast? Need a supplement that can cover different ailments and offer great muscle-building properties? Buy the best colostrum Supplement Online.

The colostrum is usually a vitamin and mineral-rich substance formed by all female mammals immediately after giving birth. This is not only benefitted for the adults but also the newborns. This is why many health-conscious people include a colostrum supplement as part of their health and nutrition regimen.

When it comes to the health benefits of bovine colostrum, it offers many. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins (protein-containing molecules) that support a healthy immune system. According to some studies, colostrum supplements can enhance the production of immunoglobulin A that helps to combat upper respiratory infections before they take root. They have the potential to destroy viruses, toxins, bacteria, yeast, and parasites.

In addition, bovine colostrum comprises growth factors that help in the development of lean muscle as well as repair damaged tissue. It can help also with pain relief and promotes energy and vitality.

Shopping for the best colostrum Supplement Online-

If you are concerned about your health and fitness, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You need to add different healthy food and supplement to your regular diet list. When we talk about the supplement, it is the most important part and more importantly, it should be more effective and natural.

When a cow eats something basically goes into the milk and the colostrum. Especially, the cattle are totally pasture-fed, pesticide-free, and firmly controlled. It offers a great chance to the colostrum supplement manufacturer to get bulk colostrum. Also, you need to consider pure, undiluted colostrum from healthy, pasture-fed cows. It is a preventative medicine you will ever find. It may cost you a little expensive, but it can be more effective in the long run as compared to other supplements available in the market.

Before deciding on a supplier for the best colostrum Supplement Online, you need to do thorough research. Make sure you are getting the best supplement from the right supplier. Also, it will cost less as you use it less.

You can find many suppliers online. This is where you should go with a reputed and highly experienced supplier that can meet your needs and budget. You can also ask them about the product and a professional supplier will respond to you politely. To buy the best colostrum Supplement Online, you can visit

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Buy Bovine Colostrum for Bodybuilding and Obtain Various Effective Benefits

Are you a bodybuilding enthusiast? Do you want to grow your muscle effectively? You should Buy bovine colostrum for bodybuilding to get the best results. Of course, there are different supplements available in the market that you must be heard about such as whey and casein. However, you also should know about the most effective bovine colostrum that offers various offers muscle-building advantages.

When we talk about the bovine colostrum, it is usually the first milk secreted by cows after calving. It is produced from the same udders that produce the milk, but before and after the cow gives birth which is the only difference.

Key highlights of bovine colostrum-

Colostrum contains high protein and numerous bioactive substances including growth and antimicrobial factors that incorporate include immunoglobulin and other less specific antimicrobial proteins and peptides. Hence it helps to enhance exercise performance by not compromising your immune system while exercising.

Colostrum contains IGF-1 and IGF-2, or insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2. It significantly increases IGF-1 in the body and Insulin-like growth factor-1 excites muscle tissue growth. It is also helpful in maintaining muscle mass and function in adults.

According to some studies, Bovine colostrum helps to increase lean tissue or muscle mass in younger people. It has 87 growth factors that connect with our cells and help to begin lean tissue growth. These growth factors stimulate muscle, connective tissue, skin, and bone growth too. If you will consume it for 8 to 12 weeks during a resistance training program, you can experience a great improvement in your lean muscle.

Advantages of bovine colostrum for bodybuilders-

As it improves lean tissue and decreases fats in our body more than whey protein, it will expand bulking and cutting results.

When you consume 20 to 50 grams of colostrum powder every day, you can gain the highest lean mass. You can also mix it with whey protein to get better results as compared to 60 grams of colostrum alone. Else, along with 20-25 grams of colostrum consumption daily, you can add high-quality protein in the form of grass-fed meat, free-range eggs, organ meats, plant protein, and gelatin.

Remember that you should only Buy bovine colostrum for bodybuilding which is of good quality. This can give you the best results. Different suppliers are available in the market and you can also buy them online. it needs good research to find the best deal.

Looking to Buy bovine colostrum for bodybuilding online? You can visit

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Order the Best Quality Bovine Colostrum Online for Health Benefits

Total colostrum

We all know that colostrum is produced from all mammals and is present from birth for around five days. It has high nutritional, health, and inflammatory benefits. You can continue to consume it to reap the best bovine colostrum for health benefits. It is one supplement for everyone and can be used as preventive medicine.

Usually, we consume different foods and supplements throughout life, but we don’t get the required nutrients and other essential elements for our health. In this case, the bovine colostrum is the best solution. Even, it is now possible to start commercial distribution across the world and meet everyone’s needs owing to a higher amount of production of colostrum milk. So, you can easily get it from a reputed online supplier at the best pricing range.

Various bovine colostrum for health benefits that you should know about-

For overall health- Do you want a healthy body? You can opt for bovine colostrum that is specially produced from natural sources and doesn’t contain any harmful substances. It contains various antibodies and other immune factors. It will lead to a healthier life.

For growth- Bovine colostrum contains all the growth elements that not help you in getting proper growth but people can also get relief from different diseases and disorders after using it. Bovine colostrum is rich in valuable nutrients for growth that make you physically fit.

For anti-aging treatment- There is a time come in life when humans start to age as a result of reducing the production of growth hormones. Although it is a natural process, people use different products to get rid of this issue. But, they can be harmful. Instead, take the bovine colostrum that contains all the necessary ingredients to fight the aging process and it is a natural solution.

Additional benefits- Undoubtedly, there are other benefits of it. If you are struggling with body weight, it can help you to lose weight. It also helps in digestion and increasing mental acuity. It gives you all the beneficial elements to stay physically fit in every possible way.

Start taking Bovine colostrum and enjoy the bovine colostrum for health benefits. We ensure that you will receive the best value for your money in terms of a natural solution. Even you can order it online at an affordable pricing range. All you just need to find the best supplier that can meet your expectations.

Looking for the best quality bovine colostrum for health benefits? You can visit

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Total Colostrum neutralizes Covid-19

Disinfectant technical note

Analysis Eurofin FQ20AA1786-1_AAI29812_v1.000 (1

AU Govt Dept Health TGA notes about surrogate viruses

Well folks, the results are in and they are very very good.

Lets say it again, Total Colostrum neutralizes Covid-19. Well almost. Only a tiny bit remained.

Today, Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing, based in Sydney Australia, reported back that our product returned cytotoxicity and neutralization virucidal efficacy factor of 3.83 in virus concentration after 24 hours of exposure to the Covid-19 test sample.

a factor of 3 = 99.9% reduction

a factor of 4 = 99.99% reduction.

So now has never been a better time to supplement your health with this God given superfood.

Now scientific results to prove Bovine Colostrum is an incredibly good anti-viral medication.

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Not all Colostrum is Equal

1st day milking versus std NZ collected colostrum

At Agility Health Co, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best, and only the best in natural health food supplements.

When it comes to Bovine Colostrum, if it isn’t collected for processing from the 1st or 2nd milking from birth of calf, then the quality of the colostrum becomes very low.

This does not at all mean that the calf is missing out. The amount that the mother cow produces is far in excess of what her newborn drinks. Our suppliers are ethical and the health of their calves is paramount to the future of the business operation.


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Testing our Total Colostrum against Covid-19

My Colostrum Bible

19 nasty pathogens tested by NZ Institute of Colostrum


At Agility Health Co we listen to our customers,  so when we were asked by some if we were testing our Colostrum against Covid-19 we acted.

These customers already know that Bovine Colostrum uses dont get the common colds or flu aka coronavirus’s.

Interesting enough that 19 very nasty pathogens have already been tested by the Chief scientist at NZ Institute of Colostrum.  5 of them can cause death.

The Colostrum produced antibodies to ALL OF THEM.

what’s more, Agility Health Co use the highest quality 1st milking Colostrum which has a higher IgG % than that tested by scientist Borissenko . So we are confident of a pleasing result when the test report is back in a few weeks time.

I tried to get this tested in NZ by our Govt owned labs but they said they were too busy and come back in a few months when it’s all over. I kind of thought I was missing something of the logic here.

So I have had to contract a Sydney lab that has a sample of  Covid-19.


Watch this space. Maybe a vaccine will be right here right now.


Best regards from Agilityhealthco